Sound Cave Productions is a creative agency and managment service run by Creative director MacKenzie Coburn. 

My Story

"I grew up in a musical family. Both my parents were musicians. My father was a touring drummer/singer for 35 years and growing up inspired me to play drums and appreciate music. My mother was a professional guitar player and bought me my first guitar at 15. In 2008 my fellow band mates and friends created a completely soundproof jam space in my basement. In 2009 communications technology, audio recording and digital media arts tied together with the growing music scene in Hamilton created the idea of Sound Cave Studio. In 2010 I started recording an album with Alex Wiernikowski at Snake Eyes Studio (his studio set-up) and experimenting in my own basement jam room/studio environment (which we called Sound Cave) recording an album with my mother, Irene MacKenzie. I was introduced to the world of audio recording and partnered with Alex Wiernikowski to start producing and recording local artists through Sound Cave Studio in April 2012. I would handle the business end, creative projects and booking and Alex the audio side. The idea of a music agency was developed while studying Advertising at Mohawk College. In May 2013, with the help of Brandon Consoli as the second manager and Alex Wiernikowski as the full time head audio engineer we launched Sound Cave Studio into full time operations. Now I was working a few roles but focusing on creative design. In July 2013 Sound Cave Studio teamed up with a local audio/video producer Brett McGee from Lunar Productions and created Sound Cave Productions a company further expanding into music video production, CD duplication, online band merchandise distribution, web design, graphic design and music production. In October 2013 we took our business to the web and created February to August 2014 Brandon and I focused on the hiring process and found extremely talented producers, photographers and video directors. Brandon and I had the pleasure to work alongside many talented producers, engineers and creative’s that we had hired on part-time during 2013 to 2014 and through this we felt as if we had leaned much more from them then we could have in a lecture hall. October 31st 2014 Sound Cave Productions found a new home at 148 James Street South, in the arts district of Hamilton, Ontario. With this new location came new services such as custom apparel printing and better packaging options for our CD printing. Between 2014 and 2016 we met many bands from across Canada. We grew our connections and started hosting shows at our studio. In November of 2016 the studio parted ways with partner Brandon Consoli and I decided to continue with website building, design, CD printing and video production for the rest of 2016. In 2017 I teamed up with international producer Titus Kiadii and Sound Cave Productions began managing his studio Payla Pro Studio Inc. In March 2017 we set fourth to create a record label that will introduce full promotional packages with 4K video production and a recording deal for selected artists as well as offer affordable yet high quality audio recording and mastering in the city of Hamilton, Ontario. I am excited to launch our plans for the summer of 2017. Stay tuned!