Flux Pavilion Releases Freeway EP

"Flux Pavilion released his much anticipated EP Freeway today and as a big fan I was quite excited to finally give it a listen. Today and I am happy to report that Flux does not disappoint! The five song EP is really well done filled with many layers and classic Flux samples from hard hitting bass to the crazy screams, it's all here. Out of the entire EP, "Steve French", the song Flux did with Steve Aoki, is the only song that doesn't make me get up and want to dance as much as the rest of the EP. As for the highlights, "I'm The One", a collaboration with popular producer Dillon Francis, definitely stands out as the best track on the EP and will be heard at many times  this coming winter festival season. The track "Gold Love" featuring Rosie Oddie's vocals is a track that reminds me of Flux Pavilion's older work, consider it a breakdown with Flux Pavilion's lead synths with heavy bass behind that he is famous for, it had my head bobbing the entire time I was listening. Another reason why I enjoyed the EP was the last two songs "Freeway" and "Mountains And Molehills feat. Turin Brakes", break away from Flux's traditional music and branch out into other styles and sounds. Its great to see an artist try something new, especially when it can be done while still sounding true to the artist's original material and that's what Flux Pavilion does so great. He is one of the best producers around, branching out into styles outside the EDM genre and always adds in his signature style. Range is important in the electronic music industry and that's exactly what Flux Pavilion has. This EP was exactly what I wanted out of a new Flux Pavilion EP, his production skill continues to increase and the tracks show it. Anyone that has listen to Flux Pavilion before needs to hear this, and hey, if you're not give it a listen anyways! Great stuff!" - Anthony Anacleto