Tokyo Police Club/Hollerado LIVE 1/14/14 - REVIEW

"Last night two of the biggest bands in the indie scene, Hollerado and Tokyo Police Club, played a show at one of the local colleges in Hamilton. Because I'm a big fan of both, this was something that I could not miss. The show was full of energy from start to finish; Hollerado did an amazing job getting the crowd excited and pumped for TPC and when I say amazing I mean it. This was the third time I've seen Hollerado and they just get better and better. From the glow on the dark stage and the instruments to Menno standing on the security gates like a god, they really did pull out all the stops for this one. Another reason I thought they were amazing was the set itself. With the newest album White Paint releasing this year I wasn't sure if they were going to play all new songs or stick with the classics, and what we got was a great blend of both and even some songs mixed together.  Like playing the opening of "Fresno Chunk" then switching into "So It Goes" during the break, things like that had me singing/shouting and dancing the entire time the band was on stage. Tokyo Police Club took the stage next and started to play and immediately I was impressed with how well their style sounded at a live performance. There were a few songs that I actually enjoyed more than their studio counterparts. "Bambi" and "Wait Up" were two that particularly stuck out along with an amazing acoustic rendition of "Tessellate" near the end of the show. It was also cool to hear new songs that will be on their newest album "Forcefield"; it definitely got me pumped for the spring release. The only thing that I didn't really enjoy about TPC was the fact that they played a bit too lightly for a live performance. I understand their music isn't really the "go get up jump and dance" type of music, but it was just sad to see a lack of crowd interaction. You can tell the crowd was also slightly disappointed due to the lack of movement, at times it felt like I was surrounded by totem poles. That being said, it didn't stop me from moving around and getting my groove on. In the end I was quite satisfied by both bands and the overall show, Tokyo Police Club were clean and perfect and it was amazing to see Hollerado open up and steal the show. Both of these bands are a thing of beauty to see live and if they ever come around again you have my guarantee that I'll be there!" - Anthony Anacleto