ON LOCATION: Hollerado Video Shoot

"Last night, good guys Hollerado packed Toronto's Horseshoe Tavern for a free concert for the video shoot of the song 'Desire 126'.  Naturally, Sound Cave took a trip to go on location for the filming and what a trip it was. The night started with the shoot going on for the first two hours, then we were graced with a small set from Stella Ella Olla, a side project between band members Nixon and Jake Boyd alongside Nixon's wife Anne and drummer Vince, and then a cool comedy set from Dave Foley. Hollerado then made their way back to the stage for the ending set of the show. The final set was amazing as they took us on a journey of every song they had ever made a video for, in order, from the first up until (you guessed it) 'Desire 126'. At the very end of the show we were even treated to a cover of Blink 182's 'Dammit' which was such a good encore as the crowd lost it; what a way to end the show. It was also nice to talk to the members of the band afterwards as they greeted fans at the bar, took pictures and signed copies of albums for people. It was nice to see a band that gives so much back to their fans especially after they just finished a long day of shooting and a free show. Overall the night was great and I'm really excited to see how the music video turns out, thanks for having us out guys!" - Anthony Anacleto