Elton John LIVE Review - 2/8/14

"After releasing his amazing 31st studio album, The Diving Board, in September of 2013, Sir Elton John recently began a tour. He came through locally at Copps Coliseum (Hamilton), with a show at the Air Canada Centre (Toronto) as well. Dressed in his classic glittery black jacket, red shiny shoes, and matching rose-coloured glasses, Elton put on exactly the kind of quality performance you would expect from someone who has their own show in Vegas. Having played for over 50 years, Elton John knows exactly what people pay to see at his concerts, and he definitely delivered. Covering all of the Elton essentials, he sang all of the hits like 'Rocket Man', as well as some refreshing songs from his new album. Being such a gifted musician with a talented band, all of the classics had funky improvised bits and rockin’ endings. One thing that made the concert unique was the stage setup. The back half of the round stage was angled up acting as a screen, with visuals being projected onto it throughout almost every song. Not to mention the giant colour-changing chandelier that hung above the band, lowering down to set the mood during the more intimate songs. I was thoroughly impressed with the fact that Elton and his band were able to perform for 3 full hours at their age, with no intermissions. Halfway through the concert he took a lap around the stage to wave and thank his fans, then sat back down after a sip of water to play another hour and a half. For the encore, fans in the floor seats were allowed up to the front of the stage, getting autographs and pictures with Elton. Needless to say, the concert was an excellent experience for fans of all ages, and Sir Elton has definitely still got it."

- Brandon Collina