New Mastodon Song

Mastodon have released a new song - 'High Road'! This track comes from their upcoming album Once More Around The Sun, and if you're a fan of previous Mastodon releases you're in for a treat. This tune is a beast, complete with sludgy riffs, huge vocals, Brann's unique drumming and a memorable chorus. It even has a classic Mastodon bridge, featuring some stellar melodic guitar-work.

Frontman Troy Sanders had this to say about the new album:

Pure, authentic Mastodon [...]. A lot of people ask us if it kicks off where The Hunter left off. And to a large degree, I suppose yes. We recorded it and took it on the road with us, and then we headed back to our rehearsal space and started working out ideas. I’ve had a lot of time to ingest this record, and it’s solid. It’s a large slab of granite. I’m once again completely proud of these guys.

We're excited. Check out 'High Road' for yourself - and get ready to rock out: