KOAN Sound - Dynasty EP Review + Stream

Last year, KOAN Sound, alongside Asa, released an experimental EP called Sanctuary which brought a whole new meaning to the duos music; going into an entirely different direction and branching off into a more orchestral sound rather than the dubstep/funk we are used to. It was a good change of pace and overall the experiment was a success. This year, KOAN Sound is taking what they learned from Sanctuary and bringing it back to the glitch/funk formula they are known for. The group's new album Dynasty'is a perfect blend of everything good KOAN has ever done, giving longtime fans and newcomers the best EP they have ever recorded. The track, '7th Dimention', is a great example of this as it starts out all spacey and relaxed then turns into a bumping bass heavy chorus that just oozes classic KOAN. The second track, 'Dynasty', is another case of KOAN showing fans what they learned from Sanctuary as it boasts such a huge breathtaking sound. The EP has a well polished sound to every track, bringing a certain zen to the listener's ears. It's just something that you don't hear in music today. The other thing that really impressed me about the EP was the fact that the album was so diverse and always changing pace & mood. For example, the 3rd song on the EP, 'Infinite Funk', is a super jazzy upbeat track that makes me want to get up and dance with a wicked bass rhythm and funky synths. The album then goes to the final track 'Lost In Thought' which is a smooth mellow piano track that also includes orchestral sounds and an amazing drum track; I couldn't think of a better way to end the EP. This may sound like too much praise but I really do believe that Dynasty is something that every person should hear. The fact is, Dynasty is the best EP KOAN Sound has released to date and shows just how much production talent KOAN Sound really has. Listen to the full EP below!