ON-LOCATION: Thought Beneath Film - "Cartographers" CD Release Party

On Friday April 18th, Steel City’s local guitar blasting pop-rock band, Thought Beneath Film, released their full-length debut album Cartographers at The Casbah to great success. There has been much anticipation for the release of this album, and there was certainly no disappointment. The band, led by Brent and Brian Wirth, performed with a soulful passion, reflective of the album and the work put into it, making the CD release very special and memorable.

The show included opening acts by Hamilton’s local alternative rock band Gentlemen Spectres, and Burlington’s all girl punk rock band Dirty Jeans. Gentlemen Spectres, a new band that released their self-titled EP in January, amped the crowd as the very first opening act. Their mix of catchy memorable riffs, melodic song structures, distinct harmonies, as well as their great anthems and rhythms kept the audience grooving along with the band.

The second band, Dirty Jeans, had an intense punk rock attitude driven by an all female rock band. Keeping up the energy from Gentlemen Spectres’ set, these ladies pushed the spirit of the show along with their heavy punk rock jams. Attitude and straight punk passion was evident in their set - and the drummer (who is apparently a recent member of the band) knocked it out of the park. The band kept the audience engaged with their great punk rock passion - now just for the final act.





The final act, Thought Beneath Film, performed their seemingly classic tunes (for the die-hard fans) and introduced new ones, keeping in line with their easy flowing melodies and head bopping pop phrases, with special surprises along the way. The band created a very laid back atmosphere for the audience, and included friendly shout outs to friends, family or those that have helped and supported them along the way.

Not only did the band explode with the classic rock paradigms of guitar, bass and drums, but they also included an interesting surprise. Among the rock paraphernalia was a string quartet consisting of principle bass to the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, Rob Wolanski, and other string musicians. This dynamic pairing of rock and classical instruments, a rarity among local rock concerts, provided an exciting element to the band’s original songs, as well as covers. A thrilling moment was when the band covered 'Tonight' by the Smashing Pumpkins. There was a joint feeling of shocked enthusiasm among the audience as the band and the string quartet performed an authentic rendition of the song.  It was like bolts of lightning hearing the string quartet quite literally jam out with the rock music at hand, and it was great to watch as an audience member. You could see the passion in the music on two wildly different levels coming together as a seamless whole. This addition of the string quartet paired very well with the new songs introduced by the band, reflecting the innovative and creative structures of their album Cartographers.

By the end of the night, the band invited members of the audience to join in helping them out with some vocals to their song entitled 'Sixty-Six' off their EP “Detours” from 2012. Audience members rushed to the stage to help sing the anthem chorus to the song, and the band was able to combine the laid back yet energetic atmosphere of the night in a single instance. This personal touch truly spoke to the fun but meaningful and insightful music Thought Beneath Film provides. From shout-outs, surprises and great audience interaction, the night was truly a vivid blast celebrating hard work and great musicians!