Portugal. The Man's "Endangered" song - Sumatran Tiger

Portugal. The Man recently teamed up with the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute to raise awareness of endangered Sumatran tigers, of which there are only 400 left in the world. When the band heard this fact they came up with the idea of an "endangered" song - a song that will literally cease to exist if it isn't shared and reproduced.  The band went about doing this by placing the song on 400 7" records that will degrade with each play. The band then sent these out to 400 "carefully chosen influencers - among them actors, activists, musicians, conservationists, bloggers and journalists". If these people don't share the song, it'll die out.  Check out a video detailing the process:

Luckily, many people who received the record supported Portugal. The Man's cause.  Hear the actual song below: