Kill Paris 'Foreplay' Stream + Album Review

It's been a year since Kill Paris released his amazing 'To A New Earth' EP, but now the keytar king is finally back with his newest EP entitled 'Foreplay'. 'Foreplay' brings us three new original tracks along with one remix alongside Bees Knees that bring exactly what you would expect from a new KP album. The one thing that sets Foreplay aside from KP's other work is that it sounds very experimental as he branches off into other genres from trap to disco and even pop. This branching off isn't a bad thing as KP still holds true to the classic format of his electronic funk, it also shows he isn't afraid to try new things, one thing that most artists lack nowadays. I wouldn't say this is his best work but it is far from the worst - if anything Foreplay just made me more excited to see what Kill Paris will have for us in the future. Until then, Foreplay will serve well as some sweet tracks to dance to as we wait, so go listen to the full EP below and if you enjoy it enough support Kill Paris buy it on Itunes Beatport or Spotify from the link here: