REVIEW: Chromeo - White Women + Album Stream

It's been 4 long years and a lot of hype since the last album from electrofunk duo Chromeo, but this week they return with their latest album White Women - and it is worth all the buzz that has surrounded it. To me, White Women is one of those albums that is strictly for the fans of the artist. Holding true to the 80s-vibe dance music, White Women is just more of what fans love about Chromeo. One could argue that the duo went a tad bit commercial for this album, but I just see that as the music scene finally recognizing Chromeo for what they are - kickass retro dance music. Any fan of the duo will immediately rise to their feet and start dancing from the first track to the last. White Women hosts 12 great tracks, 4 of which the duo has been showing off for a while, so you have a great mix of songs you already know and love - like 'Jealous' and 'Sexy Socialite', along with new unheard of tracks like 'Hard to Say No' and 'Somethinggood'. It gives the album a lot of variety and makes it sound like every track is different and unique. A great example of this is the track 'Ezra's Interlude', a nice calm 2 minute interlude in the middle of the album, featuring frontman of Vampire Weekend, Ezra Koenig.


Basically, if you are a fan of Chromeo, this should be purchased immediately and without thought. As for the newcomers, White Women serves as a great addition to get new fans into the Chromeo groove. White Women is an album that can be shared with anyone who loves dance music. Older listeners will enjoy the 80s nostalgia, new listeners will enjoy the funky retro approach to EDM, and Chromeo fans will enjoy every single sound and detail stitched into the album. Simply put, if you love to dance, then Chromeo's White Women is the album you have been looking for.